CoolROM – Site of the Month – May 2012

Best ROM Collection: GBA, PSOne and N64
Rating: 4/5

You may have stumbled upon in your ROM hunting adventures, and if you did, you probably have it bookmarked.
Compared to other ROM dumps, CoolRom is simple, secure, fast and technically ad-free.
CoolROM is also one of the few sites that respects ESA rights.
They tell you straight-up if you want that pirated shit, go find it on some other website.
Forums here can be annoyingly overloaded with thousands of people asking stupid questions like: “What hole do I plug the controller in?”
registering to post and peruse will not hurt you in the long run, as it gives you access to their NDS and PSOne ROM collections.
(Where I’ve found many a title, yuck-software free, when I could find it no place else.)
This will also allow you to pool and benefit from the wealth of information as always available in these nerd ponds.
They’re tutorial section is a bit oversimplified but does more than most sites.
They’re pool of emulator downloads is average, but also maintains to do what many sites do not….
Appeal to the Mac Users: Check out their Mac only Page.
Their ROM Collection is accurate, organized, rated and filled with 100% working ROM’s and links.
(and when you do download a ROM or ISO, you get only ONE functioning file not seventeen files from three different regions with random HACKER CODES at the end of them.) šŸ˜€
Although, you will find a few missing, hacked or poorly dumped ROMS due to their respect of ESA and lack of support in foreign ROMS (lack of working JP and EU titles really).

Overall though, SS takes CoolROM into consideration first when looking for a ROM they can play and trust.
Like your Mom’s cat.

Safety: 4/5
Amount: 3/5
Simplicity: 5/5
Helpful: 4/5
Ad-Free: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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