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Where U Can Get It: Fantasy Anime Download Page
What U Can Play It On: ZNES
Year Released: August 2002
Preferred Controls: Keyboard/Gamepad
ROM to Look for: Alcahest (J) [T+Eng1.0_FH]
Rating: 4.5/5
Guide & Extra Info: FA’s Alcahest Page
Sounds like a Squaresoft title… Plays like a Squaresoft title… Looks like a Blizzard title?

Wait there’s like a ten year gap there isn’t there?
Yes there is, and that is exactly why this SNES Action/RPG translation steps out amongst the rest of the FF and Dragon Quest predecessors.

Original Japanese Text in Screenshot

Alcahest is your basic Square game, a Chosen One steps up to save a nation under duress by fiends beyond comprehension…But! Wait! The story gives way to fun.
Whilst swinging your sword wildly like a 2D Kratos from God of War, you discover upgrades and companions that add to your power.

Fight alongside Cyborgs, Shape Shifters and Mages alike! Sending Lasers or Magical Bolts to obliterate your never relinquishing foes. Free roam the land (similar to Metroid) where you are only limited in your discovery by the inventory you’ve discovered and scavenged.
4 Elemental Spirits can be harnessed throughout to summon or power up your attacks.
Not to mention the normal leveling up, boosts and tile perks lying about.
Think of Magic Sword, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Gauntlet combined.

Not to mention a killer soundtrack, intuitive controls (even for the Famicom) and plenty of great gameplay ideas that are executed far better than the other games of its time.

Although all this was impossible to play due to it being entirely in Japanese prior 2002.
You can now play the English version via ROM emulation…wow, imagine that.

Story: 2
Sound: 5
Video: 5
Controls: 5
Thought and Fun: 5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Pokemon Flora Sky Version

Where U Can Get It: Pokemon Flora Sky Homepage
What U Can Play It On: Virtual Boy Advance
Year Released: April 4th, 2011
Preferred Controls: Keyboard/Gamepad
Rating: 4.8/5

I remember the first time I picked up a Pokemon game and clicked it into my teal Gameboy Color. It started with my rich cousin. You know, you all have that cousin who has all these video games, action figures, toy guns, legos and robots that fold your damn t-shirts and everytime you went over to his house you borrowed like fifteen things that were on

Pokemon Crystal Version Cartridge for the Game Boy Color

your Christmas list that year, that your parents could never afford. Well one summer, he made the mistake of letting me trade him an Used Earthworm Jim for GBC for a Pokemon Crystal Version W/ Manual and Case, almost brand new. My cousin had started the game and since in order to play the game you had to read and add numbers of stats and stuff he thought it was a dunce. Poor, Poor Cousin…

Anyway that summer, I played that damn thing til the circuits were fried. I’d never really played a RPG before and Pokemon games are excellent first time RPG’s. I finished the whole game with a level 86 Feraligatr and even caught Suicune and Entei. That day when I finished that game I had completely fallen in love with the Pokemon RPG Series.

So the short story would be that I’ve played and finished almost every version on every platform and loved them all. But I have never quite run into a game like Pokemon Flora Sky in my Poke Adventures.

As you should know, Pokemon Flora Sky is not a game you can buy in a store or online at Ebay or Amazon. It is a Hack and a Hack is a ROM that has been modified to play differently than its original version. Therefore in this epic installment of PokeRPGs our good friend Sky from Poke-Mega has created a Pokemon Emerald base hack with new maps, characters and Generation 4 and 5 Pokemon from the DS titles. I’ve played alot of hacks of Pokemon games (which are common because its an easy and popular game to hack). But this hack reaches levels that only Pokefans can dream about.

[SPOILER ALERT] This is really just Pokemon Emerald with new names and faces. The story is virtually the same with an added “Torn World” bit. The map is the same Hoenn region with different names of identical cities and every once in awhile you may come across a path or a cave that is built or looks different that the Emerald version. The characters and Pokemon’s sprites are altered here and there, and the glitches with the save game can make you feel like a citizen on a planet with an fiery asteroid inbound to destroy all your hard work and fun.


The real glory of Flora Sky is capturing a legendary Pokemon Rayquaza or a Latios from the Emerald edition and battling an Arceus or Giratina from Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. OR VICE VERSA. Without Using Internet Trades!!!!! 0.0

Check out the Gameplay: [SPOILER ALERT]

Why are you still reading this?
Go play it!

Want more Pokemon Hacks? Try

Story: 4
Sound: 5
Video: 5
Controls: 5
Thought and Fun: 5

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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Video Game System Icons!? Finally!

These Icons prove helpful when wanting to customize and label your emulators and ROM folders on your personal PC.

Download Icons

Download GIFs

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